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My knowledge is based on lessons from successful entrepreneurs and business thinkers combined with practical experience across start-ups and large organisations.

I can help new and existing players benefit from the new ways that value is created and companies operate and compete.

Increased connectivity and computational power has created new major industries and disrupted others.

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Companies can realise the benefits of digital change through a clear understanding of digital technologies, a visionary strategy, organisational adaptation, and extensive capability building. 

 Advantages for incumbents 

"At OPSYLOG we want to scale our business globally and become leaders of the niche market we are in. Jonas has helped us develop our business strategy and investor pitch by asking the right questions, providing concrete tools and sharing his knowledge about innovation and strategy. He brought us the optimal mix of real world experience and theoretical knowledge, and provided great consulting services tailored for our concrete situation. I highly recommend him and hope we’ll have a chance to work together again in the future."

Steffen Pedersen, OPSYLOG

Co-founder, Int. Sales & Partner Relations


 Advantages for start-ups